Employers Judge You By Your Looks?


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July 21,2016

Did you know that researchers confirmed, that your success strongly depends on how fit you are.  Although, I strongly state that it’s illegal, discriminatory, unethical, immoral, and unreasonable to hire based on appearance, a lot of employers don’t really cares about what I state! Discrimination lawsuits are extremely lengthy, confusing, rarely successful, and painful to complainants, plaintiffs. Even if some very pushy attorney will bring up the point that looks is not a skill nor a qualification, the cases would probably be hard to win and hard to prove. Hiring is supposed to be based on skills and qualification of the applicant. Some attorneys may argue that since age is protected by discrimination law, that may state that not hiring an older woman (and hiring a younger one) can be illegal if the only decision in hiring was age.

captureLegally, appearance (Disclosure: referral link) is not a protected class. Even if appearance were a primary component of the job (such as models, hosts, etc). Sadly, employers want to put the most attractive face possible on their business. They want their clients to regularly interact with good looking employees, so they have a good impression about the business. It is like magazines will not be sold, if an average looking woman is on the cover. I personally think that everyone should have an equal chance to fill any role that they are qualified for. I’ll refer to an article at http://employment-law.freeadvice.com/employment-law/hiring/hiring-decisions-physical-appearance.htm by
by FreeAdvice staff, who were saying that “It’s not illegal ,per se, to make an employment decision based on an individual’s appearance”.

captureComila Shahani-Denning Associate Professor Department of Psychology stated in her researched article “Physical Attractiveness Bias in Hiring: What Is Beautiful Is Good” that “The bias in favor of physically attractive people is robust, with attractive people being perceived as more sociable, happier and more successful than unattractive people.” She goes on and on through out her whole researched, backed up by credible literature and researchers, article that “A review of the literature supports the notion that being physically attractive is an advantage when applying for a job.”

Recently, posted on http://www.isuwft.com/807/robin-meade-plastic-surgery.html about Robin Meade ( famous news anchor on HLN channel) “We see more and more news anchors with new face come up on our screen every day. This is why the old news anchor such as Robin Meade has to keep watches her current position when she does not want to be replaced by new and younger news anchor. That is why she might feel the pressure of her current position getting heat up. So she needs to maintain not only her performance but also her appearance so she would still appeal to the viewers. This is why the viewers start to suspect Robin Meade plastic surgery occurs to maintain her appearance.” So, if women, who stand so high up are concerned about their appearance, what do we say about us, regular women, at their regular jobs?

captureMy personal thoughts to everyone, who is looking to succeed in their employment & career, keep your skills & qualification top notch AND do your best to improve how fit you are. Beauty is not something you can control in some cases (although there are ways), but being fit is a controllable area, per se. Exercising is great, keep at it! Diet is great, as well. Sometimes, we need extra help to succeed in the two aspects of it. See if this Weight Loss System may help you here. (Disclosure: referral link.) multiple positive reviews (references to which are provided in the bellow reference sources). You can purchase it here, by the way. The website will provide you will reviews, discounts, extra benefits & everything else you need to be satisfied.

Try it. You can return it, if you are not satisfied. To me, this is one of the possible solutions to succeeding in being fit! 🙂 (Disclaimer: referral link.)

Capture.JPGAll these products can be tried & returned for a full refund.

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Please, consult your doctor or physician about exercising, diets and taking any of the supplements, described in this article. “Get Startups, LLC” is NOT taking any responsibility is your medical decision process.


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screenshot from http://www.isuwft.com website about Robin Meade plastic surgeries









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