“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

― Karl Lagerfeld

So, how do you chose a photographer?

  • Your life events, such as engagement, wedding, child birth, birthdays, parties, etc.- all are the most important events, that will never repeat themselves in the same moment, with the same emotions, the same nature, the same unexpected surprises…. If they are not captured, all you have is a memory to guess HOW it actually happened. Do you really want to forget the look in your eyes, when the love of your life proposed to you? Do you want to forget the look in your eyes, when you said, “I do.”? Do you want to forget the look in your baby’s eyes, when he/she received the gift he/she has been asking for, for months? Not a very good idea, right?
  • You always select the right outfits, right dresses, right venue, right jewelry, right flowers, even right details on your tables, but what about the right photographer?
  • My personal advice is to ask your friends, friends of friends and your relatives, if they know a good photographer. Ask them to see that photographer’s work. See if this is the style you are looking for and the price, that you can afford.
  • Don’t forget that the photos you saw in the photographer’s portfolio, will not be identical with your photos. I personally find “Beauteasing” Freelance Photographer, to be very creative, diligent, and have very reasonable prices, that are very affordable to young people.
  • It is also very important to meet your photographer in person, to see if you are feeling comfortable around him/her. Think about it,- during weddings, child birth, baby birthdays, etc, families often find themselves embarrassed, if their body accidentally gets exposed more than you planned. You need to have trust in your photographer not to publish those photos, right?
  • Plan your event carefully, check all of the steps above before you make your final decision. Write sort-of a “wish list” and discuss it with your photographer. Watch reactions on your photographer’s face. It will help you understand what excites him/her. His/her excitements are exactly what you will receive on your photos. Accept the agreement if his/her excitements agree with yours.

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