Majority considers that men are stronger than women. I do see their point. Although, if you look at statistics, a total of 215,273 homicides were studied, 77% of which involved male victims and 23% female victims. ( In this day and age, males are rejecting this fact and continue to show their masculinity and superiority over females. That’s fine. Women, relax! We know, who will be laughing last. It is just like a tiny dog barks, those dogs know that they can’t bite.

I am not arguing that some women ARE physically and mentally weaker than males. There are also plenty of males, who are weaker physically and mentally than females.

The issue here is that our society is not ready to acknowledge that. Our society keeps teaching sons and grandsons that women are weaker, so males have to be gentle with them. I, on the other hand, teach my little 5 y. o. son not to mess with girls, because they will screw you up before you know it.

If a woman knows that some particular man is physically bigger, she will be fighting very dirty. She will not be stupid enough to be punching him with her little fists, while he can just pick her up and throw her over a fence. She will plan her attack. Sometimes, minutes, sometimes years. She may attack him financially, mentally, legally, and so on.. And so the big guy will turn into a mess pretty fast. She doesn’t need to touch him to get him there.

Dear men, never underestimate a power of a woman. With that in mind, women in security/law enforcement/federal agents and so on, do struggle while working with men. The women are constantly being discriminated against. Just leave the ladies alone! They know their job and they do it just like males, or even better, OK?!


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