Do Women Change Who They Are, After They Get Married? 

I would like you to imagine a garden, with tomatoes, onions, potatoes, fruit etc. Every vegetable there has its own identity and its own story. This article speaks metaphorically,  so don’t imagine the author being too crazy, please.

A cucumber was born. Young, pretty, had its own plans for life. Society norms expected it to preserve its nutrients and preferable become a pickle. Why not? The young a pretty cucumber was excited to be saved for preservation and happy for the great change in its life. It started to make sure that it is in a center of attention, so it stays pretty, and so it gets picked, and gets put in a jar.

So, the big day is here. The cucumber gets into a jar, gets mixed with seasoning, gets boling water poured over it and sees how a metal lid gets over the jar and locks it indefinitely. The cucumber is still surprised with the change, but is happy, because this is what the society wanted & supposedly it is better for its preservation matters, too.

Years go by, the cucumber doesn’t see anything outside the jar, stays invisible to  whoever picked it, until needed.

The day came when the cucumber became finally needed. The jar got opened, the cucumber was excited to fulfill its destiny of the purpose of its life. It looked at itself, saw that it is not that pretty anymore, its skin is yellowish, saggy, it tastes saulty..Why was this done to Me? This is not whom I wanted to Become! I was supposed to deliver nutrition and great taste, and see happiness all around me. Instead I see, I became this oblivious weird item, who has no idea what just happened to it, and can’t turn the clock back to change anything.

Isn’t marriage the same to a Woman? Isn’t she like a young cucumber being locked into a jar, to become a pickle someday. No reverse, no turning clock, no way out. When she finally became needed, she is not herself anymore.

She became something majority of us don’t like and would not be seeking out to have.


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