Do People Prefer Virtual Communication to Face-to-face?

Placeholder ImageI’m thinking, why all these virtual platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, “moo-chat” are so Popular?

People now want to be in control of their time and their contacts with others. They want to be able to “unplug” themselves any time they want and to “plug” themselves back in anywhere and with any whom they would like. People don’t have the time nor energy nor patience these days to just sit and listen or sit and look at other people. They will do it only if they 1.either get paid to do that or 2.have some sort of benefit out of it.

With the virtual communication they are In Control of their human interaction the whole time! Well, unless it is a wife, whom you must shall send messages as soon as you heard a buzz on your phone. But, again, this can be compared to a job contract, right?

Emoji now replace human feelings. You don’t really need to be face to face to show if you are concerned, sad or excited. People learned to manage how to control other people’s emotions through the virtual communication. If they didn’t open a text, for example, and it shows as “unread”, the other party is not upset that you didn’t respond fast enough. There.

Human interaction, even phone calls, became an annoyance, in some cases even a form of harassment. No one just answers a phone call these days. They listen to a voice-mail first, then, again, they use their power of control of When and If to call the caller back.

People now are able to interact with several parties at the same time, without the parties awareness of the interaction. You may have no idea that the guy you are texting to at your leisure, is texting 3 other girls at the same time. He is just multi-tasking! Or, and this is you favorite, you may be exchanging texts and selfies with a handsome young man, who is actually your grandma, trying to figure out what’s inside of your virtual brain.

Happy virtual day, Everyone!


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