Economy, Football, Jobs & Women. Or Why I Hate Football.

55f0892914000077002e53bb.jpegAccording to The Huntington Post (9/10/2015,, Taxpayers Have Spent A ‘Staggering’ Amount Of Money On NFL Stadiums.  When the NFL season kicks off Thursday night in New England, football fans will file into a stadium built with $72 million in taxpayer money. The Huntington Post clarifies this statement adding that, “All told, 29 of the NFL’s 31 stadiums have received public funds for construction or renovation. In the last two decades, the analysis found, taxpayers across the country have spent nearly $7 billion on stadiums for a league that surpassed $10 billion in revenue last season“.

All this fun, that you are watching on TV, and maybe hate or indifferent to, comes out of your pocket at no matter what you think of it. The world’s most profitable sports league is also a tax-free entity. American taxpayer provides about 70% of capital costs for increasingly extravagant, billion-dollars stadiums (reference at

Now, while big part of the US is complaining about not enough jobs created, high US debt, poor immigration system, not enough funds to support fellow Americans and their problems, that same part of the US feels no shame supporting the NFL Sunday entertainment.

What do women do while the entertainment is going on? Well, they feel they have to support their “men”, and their manhood. The feel they have to support the gorilla moves of hitting themselves on the chest for some reasons. They feel the need to jump in short skirts in front of the men (aren’t we were fighting for the rights of not showing our underwear to men in order to be approved by them ?) I’m not even talking about some women getting beat-up, if she dares to interrupt the Big Game.

Schools spend majority of their available funds on football teams, I would like to ask… ummm….. to be raising more “macho males” and “cheerleader girls” ? while the rest of the World focuses on actual education? Is this Vladimir Putin’s plan to destroy the US economy and any chance of the US people getting educated on the levels, that the rest of the World is educated on?

I have to idea how to finish this article. I have only bad words on my mind right now. You finish my sentences.


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