CPA Exam Courses


By Tatiana A. Loughman


Studying For CPA License? Well, me too, said another tired candidate, who has been studying for over 3 years now and nearly gave up on this idea. It does break our self-esteem, doesn’t it, when we see our failing grades of the CPA exams. We study hard, we know that we know the material, & at the end, it seems like the Board purposely wants us to fail.

Some (and many) of us already gave up on the idea to pass the exam at all. They just made their peace with the fact that they are simply not smart enough. It does make us feel very insecure in our knowledge when we see our 40%-55% exam grades, right?

You are definitely not alone.

I started studying in 2014. I remember the first time I got approved to take the exam…

I had my nails done, I was so confident, I started dreaming about my little office in downtown and about summer vacations in Florida.. Well, two years passed by & 3 failed exams are now looking at me from the website of the cpacentral page. Not pretty.

I studied by taking Wiley CPAexcel course. I loved it, I really did & still do. They cover lots of material. FAR is a very difficult part though. I was pretty happy with most of the course. As soon as I got to the topic of bonds, I lost my sanity. The instructor was so boring. I know, he is smart, but my brain was simply rejecting his lectures. Like a bouncy ball bounces of a wall. After studying the whole part, I took the practice exam & there it was- all my bonds questions were incorrect.

I decided to try SurgentCPA Review, because somehow their ad was just popping up in front of me for weeks. Ummm..honestly? I was surprised & happy at the same time, guys. They have 3 days of free access. That’s all I needed. (Later, I checked their price & started to consider buying it, because it was very affordable actually.) So, I went straight to the BONDS lectures. The lady-instructor had these short-straight-to-the-point lectures, explaining the exact questions I had no explanations to, in my brain.

They have one screen for everything: small window for a speaking face, normal size window for a transactions/ financial statements/simulations explanations, some part of the screen for  slides. On the left side of the screen they list topics of this small lecture, where you can go back to & play any part of the lecture again. Four windows of everything on ONE screen! Their practice questions have one of my favorite feature–> you can click why your answer is wrong & find not just an explanation, but also Where in FASB/GASB it talks about it.

I am pretty happy right now to have 2 courses running in front of me. They both are available to you until you pass. No additional charge, I mean. Paid once & simply keep studying. Surgent CPA even offers money back (certain conditions apply). You can get Wiley for around $1,500 or so and Surgent CPA for $797.50 (discounted price, if you failed with other provider) and your chances to have that little office in downtown & summer vacations in Florida are PRETTY PRETTY HIGH, guys 🙂



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