Monetizing on Instagram

Monetizing on Instagram is a new way of making great money if you are good at Instagramming, as weird as that sounds. All you need is just a phone that takes good photos, ability to write good content and a unique way to be very Popular!

My slogan to monetizing on Instagram is- be someone everyone wants to be, or show something everyone wants to have, or to be at, or to be a part of.

Apps, like Swiftkey, Photo-edits & Videoedit-type of apps, will help you great deal with typing keywords, tags, captures etc. Saving time help!

You will need to gain not less than 100s of thousands of followers, engaging with them regularly, pretty much have your own channel. Then you can start accepting offers to advertise on your Instagram page.

Remember to be professional. No one wants to deal with some rude or undereducated individual. Trust and respect are the keys that will open many doors.

You can schedule your posts at the most “trafficable” time through or Latergram. You can also analyze your traffic through

After all, make it everyone’s dream come true when they are on your page! Come on, you can do It! 😎



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