Power of Addiction, Power of Mind. Change the Way You Think, Change Your Life.

Broke girls.
Yesterday,  at Walmart, a cashier lady told me, she had to work some overtime,  because her boyfriend didn’t want to pick up extra shift and they are behind on bills. I knew it was not my place to tell her to get another boyfriend,  but I did it anyway. She responded,  “But I love him.”

There it is. If only we could control what we feel or think. Like thinking that doors are never locked, and we can just open them and be wherever we want to be.
Getting out the box.
Some say, “If it was easy to get out the box, everyone would do it,” right? Actually,  it is easy. Remember, all those people, you talk about with your friend, “Why is she doing that? How can someone be so stupid? ” Raise your hand if you said it at least once in your life. Now, imagine that someone says that about you. They can’t say it to your face, because they don’t want to get involved. But they do say it behind your back. Whatever it is about: your job, your kids, your relationships, your appearance, your personality…. anything. You know what I’m talking about. You know what needs changed or what is bothering you.
Dreams  are real. Visualizing.
Whom do you want to be? Kim Kardashian, Hillary Clinton, anyone from celebrities, anyone you have pictured in your mind? Photoshop yourself into a photo of someone you would like to become. And please, please, ignore if someone says, “You are great the way you are”. That is for lazy people and that is BS. You may definitely be a great person, but you can be even better, your life can be better! You can become anyone you dream of becoming! You life can be any life you want it to be.
Talking to the outside world? 
We all have our own path that we must walk. Spiritual guidance, the God, Jesus, anyone you believe in…., creates a path for us. The path that is a pretty much a standard route to take us where They believe we must be at. They help us, They teach us lessons, They hold our hands, They send us people, who may teach us lessons, or may help us. They know better what is good for us, They let us make our own mistakes, They let us get stronger or weaker.

They are like a good parent. We all have fights with our parents, so you understand where I’m heading now, right? Have you ever had some adult friend, who is also your parent’s friend or a relative? Have you ever told the friend something you can’t tell your parent, because you know they wouldn’t understand? So, this is the same… God, Jesus, or any other religious figure you believe in, always mean well, but not always have the ability to understand, unfortunately. Because They love us too much. I know you might think, “Oh no, not black magic!” Let me explain..

A couple of years ago, I got very angry over things that other people did to me &, of course,  contacted the legal system & the State took over my stuff for me. Big Deal for the people who messed with me, huh! I didn’t even think for a second, that maybe I was the one in the wrong..  I noticed that every time things don’t go my way, I don’t stop to think for a second, that maybe it is Me, who causes that, not the other people. It is not the first time I contact legal system to make things happen for me. And also, it is not the first time The Karma Lady pays me back. After the incident two years ago, The Karma Lady paid me back again. Was I strong enough to take it this time? OMG, who knows… I don’t know. My life explained it to me, for me..  The next two years my life showed it to me what it is like to lose A Lot. Financially, mentally, a lot of energy & happiness in every day of my life. At some point, I started praying, “God, please, no more down, no more down..staying still is ok, no more down, please!”

I broke down mentally, in a very serious way, problems kept accumulating. I started looking into some other powers (not legal, not medical.. not from this World). Ok, I don’t think I can open a secret of whom I have addressed to. Not to black magic. There are other powers you can find. Think about it. Keep Jesus or your religious God within your search anyway. Don’t step out the lane of good energy. I can’t say more.

In my example, I did it. I put all my cries, and prayers into asking for help to stop the falling down maddness. There was a very long story of what happened next afterwords. I won’t bore you with it. In any case, you will have your own version of what happened after you asked for help. I would put in a few words: I almost got overdozed with the bad stuff, survived it, and was pretty much reborn again. I can’t explain how, guys… a few months from that day, my debt has almost been paid off now, my mental state is way more stable than back then, I have a clear plan for life & making big progresses, and, what is the coolest.., my husband said after these few months, “We had a pretty good summer.” He was very sincere. It was not just stating that the summer was pretty good. It was more like a surprise ,”You know, we had a pretty good summer,hu..”
Have a diary. Watch your progress with meditation and diary of changes. 
Meditation can be a great way to analyse your progress. Before you fall asleep,  you are usually in a state of “in between”- in between your awakened state and your “out of the World” state. I call the time when we sleep, “Out of the World state”. Sometimes, we have questions come to us, “So, why is what I really want, not happening to me already?” Close your eyes and imagine that what you really want has already  happened to you. Not what? Just let the thought process and the “out of the World state” to bland in one. You will see, what it will be like when the dreams have come true. You will see the details of your daily life. And, in many cases, you will see that maybe it is not the time yet for the dreams to come true, because it might complicate your life, or, simply put, you are not ready yet,… it is not the time yet.
Power of addiction.
Humans can get used to anything.

So, my theory is that human life choices are based on their addictions. We eat certain things, we can’t stop, because we get used to them. We do certain things -, also, we can’t stop, because we get used to doing them. Every time, someone says, “Stop drinking soda, it is not good for you!” We immediately reject that idea, because we can’t imagine our life without drinks we love to drink! The same with food. “Stop eating chocolate!” “I can’t, I love chocolate!” Right?! Maybe it is not the soda nor the chocolate, but it is definitely, something else, that we eat or do, that is bad for us, but we can’t stop.

Have you ever opened an app, like “Lose it!” and stuck with the program for more than a week? Hm.., probably, not so easy. We are emotional eaters, lazy people, loving our comfort food and comfort choice of living our life. Well, just to prove a point, I’m starting an experiment. I’ll use my own body & mind for this experiment. I’ll be posting my photos & my journal on daily/weekly basis to show that changing the way we think, changes our lives to reach our desired goals.

In this particular experiment, I’ll be changing the way I think/feel about food and exercise. I’ll use addiction as a glue, that holds thought process stimulus together. I’ll start eating only the food I need to eat (according to losing weight plan) & exercise only the way I need to exercise. I’ll get used to this & it will not be difficult for my mind to keep this going.

Disclaimer: Please, consult with your doctor if you have any illnesses, that may negatively effect you if you change your usual diet & exercise.
July 21, 2016:

Ate 1 sandwich, 1 salad with two eggs, lettuce, onions and mayo, tea, coffee.

Ran 1,2 miles.
Feeling good about this experiment!
Day two. Already hungry. Most of my hunger comes from stress. I’m studying these last past months,  so I feel like I need some comfort food to chew to calm down or to focus. Staying strong. Had some coffee,  three bananas by noon, calculated how much I can eat till the end of the day. Lettuce & eggs. That’s it. Ok. So be it. I’m in.

9 pm. Ate some lettuce, tuna and eggs. Going to sleep. Feeling tired.
Day three. Woke up, went for a run. Cameback, ate lettuce salad with the eggs, had coffee. Feeling full & pretty good actually. I think, this is the first day when the addiction to certain food & life style started to work. If so, that might really be the cheapest way to achieve pretty much anything. It is almost noon & I think I might not eat at all all the way to the evening. Not hungry. 5pm. Got a little hungry, ate low carb oatmeal. And that’s the girl, who used to chew all day long! Funny thing, is that a few times that I did want to have some sweets or so, I just remembered that if I eat one now, I’ll reverse the addiction cycle to the previous one. Well, that was helpful!
Day four. Nothing new. Jogged, ate salad, not much to write. Although, I have just realized that it is 8am and I was way under my daily calorie intake budget!
Day five. Not doing so great, feeling kinda tired and thinking about food as boosting the energy. My mistake was to go to sleep at midnight last night. Not going to repeat this mistake tonight!  Still staying within the calorie intake norm though.
July 26th, woke up a bit hungry, ate about 400 calorie breakfast,  bread, eggs, butter & coffee. Feeling fine actually. Checked my butt inches. About an inch is gone! Whooo-hooo! By the way, I jog about a mile – two a day, a few times a week, and I don’t track that into my “Lose it ” app, just so I can give myself some buffer, in case, I’m over my daily calories. By the way, 6 days and 7 pounds off too! Just checked!
So, to go back to my point, everything that we enjoy is addictive. For example, sex, gambling, yammee food, laziness, money. .. Try to count things that you enjoy and you will see how bad you are simply addicted to these things.
July the 28th and I conclude, that this is the point where my brain has been fully reset to not wanting to it extra food, or to be going over my daily calories and actually wanting to exercise. I have lost 7-9 pounds withing 7 days and feeling pretty confident that I’ll keep at it. Now I feel addicted to it. One week life style choices made me addicted to them. It may take longer for some people, guys. But I’m confident that it will eventually kick in, that now you are addicted to what you have been eating within the last few several days.
July 30th, I had an emotional day, had some breakdowns and such. I thought I’ll go right to my chocolate or icecream. Surprisingly, I went to sleep! I didn’t have cravings, which is very different from ALL my previous meltdowns. Got up & had my regular 200 calorie breakfast, no difference in my cravings. I think, the thought of not wanting to create addiction to wrongs foods, kept stopping me from eating them, now I’m really addicted to what I’ve been doing the last about 10 days now. Eat healthy, sleep more.
Ok, August 1st. I broke down. I got sick a few days ago with a cold, felt pretty bad and decided to cheer up with a cheese cake. No, no, no, no, No! That was yesterday. No, no, no, no, No! Today I’m eating like a cow. 1 bite of an outside the diet food and that will start you going again. And again, and again.
August 20th. One month since I started. To summarize: lost 10 pounds, even though I was sick, lost a couple of inches of my hip size. My waist is smaller. My sick time took a lot out of me. Fever, chills, headaches, back..etc. And, it is like in the song.. “nothing else matters…” I didn’t really care. I was still jogging & wanting to eat just healthy food. I’m pretty happy with the results overall. One month is not enough to lose the amount of pounds I’m planning to lose (if I am losing weight healthy way), but in any case, I’m sticking with my mind set & my mind schedules to keep the life style going!
Keep it rolling Guys! I’m with you! Finish my happy dairy for Me! 😎


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