Create a Perfect Business Product


You can have multiple degrees, money to invest in your business, connections, even your “heart-is-in-your-business”, and still not be successful. Why?

You need to take your business to the higher level. What do I mean by that ?

In a few words, if you do something, you need to do it well, do it “upper level”, do it with distinction, get some sort of guarantees about your product/services, I would even say, have your product/services wear some sort of a “medal”.

For example, if you are a dog breeder, do have only show dogs in your business. If you are a landscaper, pass “English Queen Certification in landscaping”. If you are a hair stylist, use only “French natural supplies”. I put quotation marks in my examples, because there might be no such thing, as what I wrote, but I just wanted to show/emphasize how important it is to do your business on upper level.

People don’t care if it costs more, they want quality. They want guarantees. They just want things done right. They want to brag to their friends/relatives, that they were using French natural supplies hairdresser professional, or their landscaping is done by English Queen standards, or that their puppy has two parents, who are “Good Manners Dog Certificate” winners.

Sometimes, clients like a personal touch to services/products they pay for. Sort of, become their Friend! Don’t talk down to them, because you have Masters in Accounting or Political Science. Talk to them, like you are talking to your old buddy, whom you have beer on Fridays. Not literally, of course. Always be very professional, but your client needs to feel that you like them and you enjoy talking to them.

Please, don’t over do it, of course. I think, average time you need to spend with your client on conversations, is up to 30 minutes. They are not paying for talking, they are paying for your work.

I know, it all seems like way too much to accomplish to win a client. Unfortunately, this is the deal these days. Competition is unbelievable . Whatever you are offering, someone else is already offering something better.

Look at the steps above, as at necessary check marks to your overall goal – to put your client on subscription. After your client is subscribed to your product/services…. you are all Set! You can now estimate your revenues, plan your business expenses, and grow…. GROW….G…R…O…W….your business.

After all, all this struggle is for your own benefit. 😎



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