Makeup Artist; Hair Stylist

Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist:

Makeup artists & hair stylist can be a very busy job. Weddings, special events, busy business or government ladies…. It is very convenient to just set an appointment with an on-call makeup artist or a hair stylist, and you are ready to go! Sometimes, the ladies that need such services are the ones, who don’t want to be seen in a public place, too. Those clients, by the way, pay

Sometimes, the ladies, that need such services, are the ones, who don’t want to be seen in a public place, too. Those clients, by the way, pay higher price! I’m talking about government officials and millionaires, not about “The FBI MostWanted List” 🙂

For you, as a proprietor, all you need is:

  • to register your business,
  • to receive necessary licenses,
  • to purchase quality supplies,
  • to advertise locally
  • and start doing awesome job!

The beauty of this job is that you can just immediately schedule a next appointment with your client, and set your client up with a subscription to your services! They will sign up for the subscription if you offer them a discount. Smart way to do your own business!

Before you start, you may want to finish a short course to such line of business, or if you have already finished a course, just review what is new here, before you start. Don’t forget to ask your client, if they are allergic to some supplies. Sometimes, having them sign a short agreement is not a bad idea. You can create an app or a website, where you would list what you do, what supplies you use, and having your client go over the disclosure might save you from unwanted litigations.

Makeup artist & a hair stylist is a work of art! Keep yourself updated on new trends, maybe carry a fancy magazine with you. It can help you with your clients’ choices of what they want. It is difficult to explain art with just using words. You can’t say, ” I need to look like a queen”. A Queen of what, right? If you show a photo of variety of queens, your client will point at someone eventually, & that will give you a correct idea of your direction.

Make sure that you are always professional, showered, stylish, not smelly (sorry), polite and carry some extra things with you. For example, you may want to ask your client, before your appointment, “Ma’am, would you like me to stop somewhere, to buy you some coffee or a wine, before I come in?” No one would refuse a glass of wine! Don’t discuss reimbursement. Your client will reimburse eventually, or, if not, he/she may subscribe for your business or become a permanent client. All that is still good. The wine will pay off before you know it.

Not that hard, right? Flexible hours, being your own Boss, enjoying spending time with different people, making more than $8/hr per hour, all that is Super Great!

I’m with you, guys, come on, don’t be afraid to take the first step!








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