Business Planning, Website Regulations

Business Planning, Website Regulations

    Business Planning, Website Regulations

Planning your business is the key to success. Don’t you often feel, like you don’t know which direction to take to succeed? Too many steps, too many ways too much to accomplish. Drawing a business plan for your business is a red carpet with your business name on it. Also, simply organizing Yourself (!!!!) will take your far, while doing your business. We are humans, we have emotions, memory problems, we get sick, we start thinking many different ways very often. That is a major destruction to your business. Automation of Yourself will eliminate or minimize your errors. Try to sync your website with planners, schedulers, Automated responses, scheduled posts, etc 

Day to Day Google app is a great app to organize yourself, your business, your clients’ communications, goals etc. I use it regularly. If you try it, you will see that it has many useful features: reminders, past due reminders, prioritizing, you name it!

On the different topic, with so many regulations that the US and Europe impose on business, it becomes risky to operate a website. Visitors can sue you for being unable to access your pages, words, images, for you tracking their visits etc….

Luckily, Facebook and Instagram come to help. Instagram is great for younger population to view your business at, and Facebook is for more of 30+ ages.

Currently, Facebook offers great options to build a very efficient page to list your business at. You can add such links to it, as Services, Bookings, Call Us, Reviews, and more! Your ads will also be generated by the Facebook, too. You can build your customers list there easily, while also tracking everything, scheduling posts, organizing your page, messaging your clients, creating events .. it is really all-in-one! And the good thing is, you are saving money on potential lawsuits, because Facebook is the one, responsible for the usability and tracking. Facebook Business page will connect you with, which offers great client scheduling and interaction automation.



Facebook Business Page Example


As for the Instagram, it is relatively new, but very active, among younger population. You can have ads there, links to your services, (I would recommend linking it to your Facebook page), interaction with your clients etc.

You, as a business operator/owner, simply have to always remember that business can be sued for many different things, and your goal is to minimize the cases of it. Clients are humans, who have their own life paths, sometimes very traumatizing, so they ended up being angry people, and find it very satisfying to sue a business. Don’t forget that if you operate your business from an entity, not from yourself personally, they can’t sue you, they will sue the entity, such as an LLC.

Your goal is to minimize your expenses as much as possible. Then you can just relax and do what you love- your business, that you are passionate about.




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