How I Became a Blogger ….on InstagramĀ 

After several interviews with “senior bloggers” on Instagram, I learned that there are at least two ways to profit from blogging there:

  1. You post photos/video to attract your audience (no advertising in your posts) and simply have your website in your bio for your audience to click on it and get to your website
  2. Second way is to post photos/videos of a business/product/client that you are trying to promote. (This way is a little annoying to viewers though, just as any other advertising that we fast forward through or skip)

How I started blogging myself on Instagram? I disassociated myself from reality, from my friends and family and dove into the deep water of imagination. I would find something funny or inspiring about my day, wrote the text of the joke, put some makeup and a wig on…and start videotaping myself.

At first, it was weird. Should I include my kids in it, to make it not all about me? Should I not wear sexy clothes? Should I not say anything inappropriate? Or, maybe I should be as outrages as Possible!

After my first video, I figured quickly, that the sound of my voice is very quiet. I could not hear myself! That’s not fun to any viewer, right? Surprisingly, I discovered that if I download my video to Magisto app, it increases the volume of my voice, plus it adds some attractive affects and music. I also discovered such useful apps as InShot and VideoShow to help me cut my videos in size and length, to combine short pieces and add great features.

After my first two videos, people were a little surprised that someone just talks weird/funny stuff, not showing any body parts, not selling anything, not posting beautiful photos. I was ok with it. Later, as I was getting better, people started to actually like and comment on my videos. I tried to stick with one topic: life, workouts, fun. That would include some healthy meals, jogging, makeovers, jokes about relationships. I would also include short stories with my photos/videos to make my content interesting to readers (stories), lazy viewers (photos) and to viewers, who have lots of free time ( videos).

As I was getting more and more popular, I started to add some advertising/ connections of other instagrammers. I started to place some links to websites, that sell their items or services. The charge for every link depends on your popularity: how many followers you have and how active the followers are on your page.

And to go back to why I started to get more popular I can add, that having great content is helpful, of course, but! if you can also make some “Instagram Stars” start commenting on your stuff, and liking your photos/videos that will boost your popularity over night! You don’t need to pay them for that. Start using similar hash-tags that they are using, and so your chances to get notices by the “Star” will increase. Maybe also, see if you can create some content that the “Star” might like. And, please, please, forgive me for being so boring here, and teaching you how to become popular on Instagram. I know, it is not, Not! the most important thing in life. Although, it may create some great source of income.

Instagram Profile

Instagram Profile

Also, don’t forget that everything you create on Instagram/Youtube/wordpress/facebook- your articles, your videos, your photos, your inspirational or funny quotes- all that is your intellectual property ( should not be copied by others), stays online and can generate cash until it is removed.

Instagram Profile



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