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Business Variables, Sucessful Business Strategies

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Tell me honestly, how many times you rushed to make an appointment with a regular business after receiving an email or didn’t a letter, saying, ” You might be breaking the law”, or ” You might have a disease “. I personally find such business strategy almost a racket. Such emails or letters put fear in you, and you stop sleeping at night, right? 

What if I do break some laws? I’ll have to pay so much more to get out, if I get caught…

Or, “What if I have a disease, I’ll have to pay so much more for treatment….”

And so you make an appointment. You pay certain money to just check IF this is the case. But, honestly, all it is, is just a psychological technique to scare you. Almost like an act of terror, I would say.

What is the difference between racket, business and terror? You tell me!

I found a list of such “terroristic” phrases to use to get appointments. You decide what to do with them:

1. Research variety of laws, applied to your potential customers, copy the laws’ codes and description, send a friendly suggestion to your potential customer, that you may help resolve the issue and will help to make it legal. (Of course, don’t forget to make appropriate disclosures, that you are not a legal representation nor a Governmental Agency. Disclosures that the potential client is not under obligation to make the appointment is necessary.)

2. Research variety of diseases( if you are in a medical field), that may come from any illness/ disruption or anything else that is UNTREATED, send an email about your services and say that you will TREAT it (if necessary) or CHECK it, before it is too late. (Disclosures that the potential client is not under obligation to make the appointment is necessary.)

Less ” terroristic” approaches:

1. Reciprocity. Making someone feel guilty. I love this one. I’m not talking about sending a key chain with a person’s name in order for them to make a donation. No, I’m talking about Big Game. Offer 1 FREE appointment. Completely free. Give lots of FREE freebies during the appointment. Be extra nice. That 1 appointment would normally cost $100- $300 dollars. Make sure that it is somewhere on an invoice, that they will check, it says that the clients will get such value for FREE. Unless the clients are totally cold-blooded, you will get their Appointment! Or even subscription! Just hand them a paper to review at the end of the appointment: to provide an actual review of your business ( already a plus! because you will get a free 5-star review), and a calendar of your availability. The calendar will show them that you are not forcing them to make a decision, because they have choices of days to choose from. But actually, you are giving them No Choices: they Have To schedule an appointment.

2. Make sure that your business has lots of evidence that others have been using your services and are completely satisfied. ( That’s where that earlier review comes in handy, hu!)

3. Search for client, who may care significantly about the services/ products that you offer. Don’t offer landscaping to a homeowner, whose grass has always been tall- I don’t think that person cares that much about his grass! Don’t forget to start with a compliment.

4. Being charismatic may just do wonders for your business. Although, that is a hard skill to learn. You will not regret if you spend some money on a book about charisma, or even a hypnosis app to become charismatic.

5.Specify How and why your particular services or products are different from your competitors and are beneficial to your customers. ( Although, avoid misleading, that might cost ya..)





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