What comes easy won’t last

What comes easy won’t last.

by Tatiana A. Loughman 


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When I was a teen, in Ukraine, I witnessed so many 10 year olds washing cars, selling some home grown vegetables, cleaning homes, shining people’s shoes. Guess what happened to those poor 10 year old kids later? At 12, they invested their hard earned money into a small business spot outside a mall to sell variety of chocolates/cigarettes/music CDs/household items etc. At 15 y.o. they invested the money they earned from the spot outside the mall, and bought a small spot inside the mall. By the age of 20, the poor kids from my childhood already had their full blown business running, and were very successful, no matter what changes would the business world bring or no matter what circumstances they encountered. Why? Because they lived through the every dollar they earned and nothing was handed to them.

Am I jealous of the rich kids, who have their moms and dads making birthday gifts to them, in a form of a car with a bow around it? Or sending them to expensive schools to have their degrees handed to them? Then the moms and dads call their buddies and ask for a favor for their cute 25y.o. baby- to find them some job in government or in a big enterprise.

The point is: where do both of those children end up when they are 30? Do you have any visual idea? I’m seeing a 30 year old in expensive clothes, blowing their money on parties and other 30 year olds having their money all invested successfully. Guess which kid is which?

The way I call it is: luck vs hard work. One kid won big and another kid earned every penny. What do people tend to do with money they win? They spend it on Fun!

The bottom line is, don’t feel bad if you are working hard for everything in your life. Just remember that at the end of your life you will still have everything you earned! Unlike the rich kids, who will simply gamble everything away and will end up staring at YOU with jealousy, thinking how lucky you are that you have a good handle on your life! 😎


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