Business Growth or Make Hundreds by Opening Business Checking Account

As we all know, Get Startups, LLC values every small or big business owner. Oftentimes, small businesses can’t  move farther if they don’t have enough money. This sad reality brings many business owners to negativity regarding their success.

Get Startups, LLC found a way to boost businesses’ growth one easy way. Currently, Huntington Bank is running a promotion where the business can open a brand new account and receive from $300 to $500 money ( subject to tax). 

Small Business Promotion


Click on the photo above to get the promo code, which you will need to take to the Huntington Bank, when opening the account. You may also want to locate your local branches phone number and contact them to discuss it, to make sure that your business is eligible and you have all the right paperwork when you are there to open the account. 

Here is an example of how Huntington Bank follows through:




Before you open any bank account or obtain a credit card, it is wise to simply search through, for example, kredircarma or online bank promotions, which card offers any cash benefits. That is a great way to get some cash upfront and keep accumulating cash as a cash back while you shop. Although, remember to still buy things you need only, and not to chase that cash reward- you will lose way more than you make on cash rewards if you simply chase the rewards, so, don’t. For example, as of right now, evarage cash back reward is 2%, so when you spend $2,000/month, you will get $40 back! Why not?! 

Get Startups, LLC has no stake in this promotion. Get Startups, LLC will not receive any benefit from this promotion. This article is for informational purposes only to help small business owners to get their business going!😎


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