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You Have To Be A Problem Finder And Problem Solver Not A Product Pusher

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Even very progressive Marketing Organizations sometimes forget that product pushing is not working anymore or maybe has never worked at all! 

I open my browsers and see ads for things I have already purchased! I searched for them (which did catch the search words into the adaptive ads), bought them, and now don’t need them anymore, but the items are still showing up in my browser. How many shoes does one person need?!

Push marketing is a promotional strategy in which a business attempts to get their message to their potential customers without them having a desire or interest to buy the product or learn more about it. It is Annoyance, not marketing!

I was shopping last Friday when heard an announcement that “we are going to introduce a new item … and give out great knives for FREE to all who wants to watch it…in clothing section…in 5 minutes”. My daughter and I pretended we don’t know each other (to get two of the FREE knives), watched a great, awesome presentation of a new food cutting machine, got our FREE knives and went back to shopping, as well as all the other 20 people, who were watching. I think, one 60 year old lady did stay to buy the promoted item, but I think it is just because she was the only one who doesn’t ever use Amazon or Ebay, where she could have purchased it twice cheaper.

I think, coupons are the least bothersome way to push products. You will be like, “I don’t really need this sugary cereal, but it is cheaper than the one I need because of this lucky coupon I have, so I guess I’ll just eat this cereal this week.”

So, the point of all this is: stop pushing products! I know it is hard to get out the box, but, you are losing money when you are using this ineffective marketing. Just drop it. Research what people need, or even start writing down what YOU need, maybe find a way to create a line for this item (and its variations), advertise it and there you go!

The most difficult step is the get out of the box, to make a change, to start thinking in a new direction, to quit what you were doing for a long time and to step into something unknown. You know what your success strategy here can be? To take this first step that I just described. You can even give your product a name,- your name! “Mary Johnson Step!” Or anyone else’s name (accept for mine 🙂 )

Story of one “Product Pusher Strategy Survivor”:


Vent of a product pusher survivor

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