Your Lows are Steps to Your Highs Or Online Learning: A Bachelor’s Level Computer Science Program Curriculum

As I’m looking back at my life, I count all my mistakes and all my achievements. One of the biggest mistakes I made is to choose to pursue a degree in law enforcement (in addition to my accounting degree). There is no future for growth in law enforcement field, unfortunately. Yes, they have government benefits and average income, but for a person to work their way up is extremely hard and takes very long time. What I should have done instead is to go to Computer Science Field to become a programmer or software engineer. That is where the future is!

I still think about it often and summarize my regrets while researching schools online. Well, today, I found a substitute to the Computer Science Degree. It is Free and it is Online. The best part of it is that their material comes from the best rated colleges, such as Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, etc.

The question is: are there institutions that allow people to take exams after these free courses without having enrolled in accredited classes? Because you don’t want to go through these free course materials on your own, then decide to turn knowledge into qualifications, by trying to take the exams, and only to find out that these free courses will not count as knowledge, right? Do your due diligence and confirm your plans with your State Board and College Level Examination Program from the College Board at . Benefits:

  • No requirements to take electives that has nothing to do with your program.
  • I have heard that many people are already using this particular website for years now and are pretty happy. They may later receive their formal qualification (or not) and work for a big company (where the sky is your limit), or become self-employed and have the sky around their office to be their limit.  So, here is the website to check it out guys:

Also, there is FINALLY a US Accredited TUITION-FREE University, that offers BS, Masters degrees in various fields, such as MBA, Computer Science, Health.

“Get Startups, LLC” doesn’t have any stake in introducing you to these schools, so enjoy 🙂  Wishing you the best of luck in your great and amazing adventures! Who knows, maybe today is just the beginning of everything amazing in your life!

Accredited Online Tuition Free

Accredited Online Tuition Free

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