A Sale Or Not a Sale

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  • Like every man, who is only able to marry someone during certain period in his life, a client can only make a purchase decision during their own certain period of time: when they are absolutely ready.
  • I have had a dog and for years now. And for a long time I was frustrated with training her, she would not listen!  (I’m sure some of you may relate.) Then I read a book that was specifically teaching how to train your dog (finally I was learning!) So, quickly I figured out that my dog responds very well to treats. She will do anything for a treat! Same is true for fishing. You put a bait in a pond and fish swim to the bait!

Not to compare your client to a dog or a fish (well maybe), try doing the same technique: offer your client a treat/bait and see how they will come to you. 

So, to review my two points above (client being ready to purchase and client being giving a treat) let’s draft an actual plan:

  1. Where do you find clients who are READY to make a purchase? Well, recently online FB groups, Instagram accounts, online forums, Youtube and such became a very good source of finding many people ,who are looking, interested and ready for the item/service you are ready to sell. One issue might exist there: those groups, forums, accounts are already being managed in focus to sell the item/services, so your sales might not be welcome there. Not to worry! Then you simply create your own group, Instagram,  Youtube account, forum etc.
  2. That might also count as the freebie or the treat or the bait, as we discussed before. The group/Instagram/forum, Youtube etc that you created should offer some useful freebies that the people with particular interest are looking for: FREE source of information, FREE services, FREE coupons, FREE samples…you name it!
  3. As your group or any other social media accounts grows, you need to realize that whatever you did works well, keep doing it! and also, now, you have the opportunity to start selling your items within the social media gathering that YOU have created.
  4. Take pride in it! You earned it! You know how hard you worked to get there. Now this is your own online store that you built from scratch. Welcome your success with open arms and preserve it as you would preserve any big asset in your business. (Bookkeeping-wise, the store would be accounted as an asset (after you built it and it already works as a store), because now it contributes to your business for years. Every year you would review its fair value and record an adjustment or impairment.

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