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My Productive Day

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If you are a small business owner, here is my schedule and tips of a great and productive day:

1. Don’t turn on Personal Social Media (such as Facebook, personal email etc on) until certain hrs and use a daily planner for your workday. 

I conducted an experiment this morning. I set my schedule to check my social media and emails after my Productive hours, which means after 6 pm. I felt so free, guys! My morning and my afternoon were so unencumbered and Free! I easily completed all necessary tasks, and well…felt very good about myself, of course . Which gave me a second push to success, called “optimistic belief in myself”, that I can do it.

2. Here is my collection of apps that might be helpful to you in your business.

  1. Free Bookkeeping: (Integrated Receipts Images to help with entering correctly. Similar to two paid softwares: Quickbooks+Neat)
  2. Outsourcing Freelancers help: 
  3. App Building:   (1) ; (2) 
  4. Business Plan: 
  5. Employees And Contractors Together Projects Completion: ; excel online
  6. Organizing Apps: Google day-by-day
  7. Funding Your Business:
  8. Financial help: (1) (2) (3) Huntington opening accounts promotions 
  9. Automated Clients/Social Media Communication: (1), (2) VCITA.COM (3)
  10. Vehicle GPS Tracking For Employees: 
  11. Business on FB Help: 
  12. Advanced Craigslist AdMaker: 
  13. Promoting Your Business on: Yahoo Local, Yelp, Etsy, Ebay, Google for Businesses, Pinterest, Facebook Page, Instagram. (Instagram promotions with links to your Ebay, Etsy items). 
  14. Small Business Help: SBA.Gov
  15. For YouTube Bloggers Free Course – Youtube- get discovered course
  16. For Bloggers-  (videos promotion)
  17. Monetizing on Google,WordAds, Amazon, Youtube, Instagram
  18. Free online client/customer scheduling : (1)  (2)
  19. Connecting Your Apps And Automate Workflow-
  20. Client Management Virtual Office –
  21. Services Subscription: Paypal- Subscription Buttons 
  22. EBook Design (Free and Membership Fee)- (Actual E-Book)
  23. Document Scanner- Organizer Into Accounting And Management Software: (Minimizes Human Error)
  24. Business Cards/Brochures/Business T-Shirts/All Possible Printing For Your Business At Inexpensive Price And Discounts (Referral Link)
  25. Video-Conferencing, Online Meeting, Video-Group Collaborations, Web Conferencing (FREE and At Low Price) Available At Zoom (Videos Are A Great Source Of Social Interactions As Well As Monetizing)

Some of these apps/software are FREE and may suit you perfectly, others are not free, but may also be very beneficial to you!

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