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Start With A Compliment And End With “I’m Sorry” And This Will Save You Money

  1. It might sound very submissive when someone says “I’m sorry” all the time or when someone gives you a compliment, but there is a subtext to these words. In this day and age, when everyone sues you for any reason, saying “I’m sorry” might really stop the legal process, believe it or not! Do you think why some streets are named certain peoples’ names? In some cases, it is because the city screwed up somewhere, so as a ‘Sorry” they named a street with the person’s name. That will stop the legal process, wouldn’t it?!
  2. A compliment, on the other hand, simply makes the person to like you, because you made someone feel special. Cheesy? Not really. Believe me, if you make someone feel special by saying, “OMG, you are terribly smart!” they might buy things from you, might make you gifts and/or feel grateful forever!
  3. For example, today I simply conformed that “no-compliment/strict approach” will simply drive your clients away. Such approach might SEEM like being serious in business, but it actually shows your clients that they are not important to you at all! So, no matter how much they may actually LIKE your business, they WILL leave it just to show you that yes, they are important.
  4. Will it ruin your self-esteem if you are kinder, happier, smiling, trying to be more helpful or forgiving ? If so, then YOU need to rethink the emotional state you are currently in ! 🙂
  5. The main point is: treat others the way you would like to be treated, plus extra kindness is always a benefit. Every time I receive a package from Amazon & start thinking, “Do I really need this item?” , I find a free adorable gift in the package and my World changes right there! As a result, I post a great review and remain their client forever 🙂
success in business

Success In Business Is In Your Hands

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