How To Save Over $9,000/Year, If You Spend $2,000/Month


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Is it really too cheap to be too cheap? Are you afraid to be judged by the society if you don’t have enough high quality items? Do you think the society cares about how much you paid for stuff or how much debt you have? Will the society help you get out of your debt if you show them your credits cards bill? Does the society know your name to remember who paid more or less and on what? Will the society still judge you no matter how much you own?  I would say, “No, no, no, no, no and yes”.

If the stated above doesn’t apply to you and you don’t care about what society thinks, answer this: ” Have you ever been stolen from? Loss from Stock Market? Loss due to any other unfortunate event? Do you want to get back on your feet?”

If you answered, “Yes” to any of these questions, proceed further.

I’ll write a few paragraphs about my saving techniques and You decide to follow my style or not. I use Mint app to track my credit card purchases, refunds, incomes, statistics, saving promotions etc. Many people say, they don’t like to use credit cards because it gets them in trouble. Agree. As for me, it only lasted for so long for me to realize that I only need to charge my card if the item is on my shopping list or if I absolutely have to pay for something (like bills, for example. Yes, I automate my bills to be paid with a credit card). Before I open a credit card account (or a checking account) I always check introductory cash bonus, cash back, low interest, no interest, etc. By the way, this is my approach to everything- before I buy, sign-up, commit or pay money I ALWAYS check for deals or how to get the most benefits out of it. (Read more on making hundreds by opening a checking/credit account.)

  • STEP 1. STOP  BUYING   STUFF  IF   YOU  CAN  GET   IT   FOR   FREE! How I buy furniture to my apartment or house: I go to rich, classy neighborhoods, the ones you see when you drive to your work and think, ” What job does one need to have to be able to afford such house?” I go there right before trash trucks pick up their trash. Not every time, but very often they throw away perfectly new furniture. If I find something I like, I arrange a truck and bring that piece home! Sure, I wash it, disinfect it, etc… I hate germs. I also check Craigslist sometimes to see who throws away furniture  (sometimes people move and can’t afford moving expenses, so they are happy somebody just picks things up!) If you get furniture and all of them mismatch, get a high quality furniture paint, stack the furniture the way you see it fits best, repaint it all in one perfect color that matches the rest of your house and “Ta-da!” I have been using this approach for years now and my house is way more stylish and classy than the houses you see on TV. I like antique, wood and leather furniture.  How much you are saving by doing this? Thousands?

  • STEP 2. USE  CASH  BACK  SUBSCRIPTIONS  ON  ITEMS  FROM  YOUR  LIST. How I buy food and house essentials:  I go to IBotta (Click on it & get FREE $10 For My Referral If YOU Sign Up) , then go to Amazon or Jets. To me, they have the least expensive prices, deals and variety of options. I must add that I have a prime membership at Amazon, so I have free delivery and discounts due to the membership. I use Subscriptions there, which helps me save additional 15%. To summarize, if you login to IBotta,  then go to, for example Amazon, you save not just by using  the Amazon Prime discounts, but also additional 3-5% for using IBotta. Same is true for They have promotions for first time buyers, free shipping as well as low prices on certain items. Also, of course, this is where my credit card paragraph above comes into play. I save additional 5% by using Amazon credit card. To summarize how much you same by doing this:
    • lower prices than at other stores, not spending time and gas,
    • PLUS 3% to 25% savings for using the steps in this paragraph.
    • Money-wise, it is not only keeping off impulse purchases, but also, if your monthly food and household items are around $2,000, you save from $60 to $500 a month.

  •  STEP 3.  ADDITIONAL  SAVINGS  BY  RETURNING  IMPULSE  PURCHASE  ITEMS. How I shop overall: No matter how you shop (online or physical), keep your receipts and check return dates. I will add the receipts trick in a next paragraph, but as for the returns, here is what I do. I purchase what I absolutely need (thing from my list, not an impulse purchase, Oh, Gosh, I don’t remember the last time I had an impulse purchase), receive the item or bring it home, start using it (keeping the box). Then a week or so after the use, I simply give it another look:
    • Do I really need it?
    • Does it solve the problem I had?
    • Does the item do what it says it does?
    • Does the description match the item 100%?

If I answered “No” to at least 1 of these questions, I return the item for a refund. This technique simply double checks that your purchase was not an impulse purchase and also that you didn’t waste your money. Money-wise, how much do you save doing it? If you spend $2,000 a month on shopping and return 1 out of 10 items (assuming equal price of the items), then on average 10%? That is $200 a month

  • STEP 4. SCAN  YOUR  RECEIPTS  AND  GET  MORE  MONEY  SAVED  UP. How I save money on receipts: Sometimes you absolutely have to go to Walmart, because they have what online doesn’t have (by the way, out of physical stores I like Aldi the most).  I shop for things from my list, pay for them of course, then enter the receipt into Walmart Savings Catcher app. What it does is, it compares prices from Walmart to stores nearby and credits the difference to your account towards your next shopping trip at Walmart. On average, when I spend $100 at Walmart I receive about $2- $5 dollars back. I was saving all the rewards for a year and ended up with about $160 saved up during a year. My husband and I used that money during Christmas shopping, which was very helpful.  Bellow are additional apps to scan your receipts. Very easy!  I prefer “IBotta” the most, it scans your receipt from any store, in addition to Walmart receipts, by the way, also from gas stations, restaurants, online shopping etc, and it gives you additional bonuses for simply sticking with the app. I scan my receipt in all three apps, because I simply don’t have the time for the cut-out coupons 🙂
  1. Checkout 21
  2. Ebates (referral link)
  3. Walmart Savings Catcher
  4. IBotta (Click on it & Get FREE $10 For My Referral If You Try It!
    Ibotta FREE Coupons $10 Bonus

    Ibotta FREE Coupons $10 Bonus

    It is not necessary to mention that buying new cars, buying dresses you don’t need or anything else the like, will simply cancel out all of your savings techniques, so I won’t be writing a paragraph about that.

Of course, working people don’t have the time for all these tricks, but if you are one of those savings-addicts, you may end up with a fortune on your savings account after about a year of following the listed above steps. Let’s just add all the saved-up money together now (based on $2,000/ month spending) (Not having to pay for furniture is an amount that you just have to decide for yourself how much you saved.)

  1. * Opening a checking or credit card account promotion: minimum of $200 ( if only 1 account) per year.
  2. * Online shopping trick gives us: $60- $460/ month multiply for 12 months= $720- $6,000/year. 
  3. * Returning 1 out of 10 items: on average is $200/month = $2,400 per year.
  4. * Walmart Savings Catcher will give you on average  $100- $200 per year.
  5. * IBotta will give you on average  $100- $600 per year (based on your sticking with it).

Total per year= from $3,520 to $9,400. Not bad, right?

I know that sometimes we all want to simply have fun and make ourselves feel better. For some people it means, going shopping and not thinking about prices, needs, etc. For others it means fancy vacations or even something small as a fancy haircut at a salon. For me personally,  it means seeing my savings account grow and knowing that someday, when I’m ready, I’ll reinvest it all into my freedom of renting commercial space out or in any other business that I feel will give me a good monthly income.

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Coupon App

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