unnamed Terms and Conditions & How to Use This Site 

We are here to assist you with your substantive business tasks. We are here to help you maintain a work-life balance. According to our surveys, our services are affordable to 95% of our clients. We are eager to serve you as your right arm through the development of the business startup matters you undertake. Our services are very flexible and can be added or changed per your requests.

They include :
  • Creating and publishing a mobile & PC friendly website specifically designed for your line of business ($119.00 of 24 months website hosting fee included)
  • Google Analytics for your website to track your visitors’ interaction
  • Providing you with forms to register your startup with the State
  • Providing you with information & forms on Federal and State taxes (registration & payments)
  • Providing you with forms to obtain EIN for your business
  • Creating a complimentary business basic accounting online account setup
  • Blog    / Reviews for your business/    Subscriptions Websites
  • Video- Commercials For Your Business
  • Videos for GoFundme accounts
  • Monetizing with Google, YouTube, WordAds, Amazon, AdSense, Microsoft, Instagram
  • App building and supporting (extra $50.00/month)
  • Providing with State Laws and license requirements in your line of business (public information)
  • Business Dissolution. Public information & assistance.
  • Providing with information on financing your business and creating a Gofundme account online
  • Creating online orders processing eCommerce setup (additional $9-$45 monthly, depending on your volume)
  • Creating marketing accounts related to your line of business
  • Performing legal research
  • Bookkeeping

Please, be advised that we do not

  • set legal fees;
  • undertake representation;
  • give legal advice;
  • represent a client in court.

Bookkeeping Services in Ohio Requests can be e-mailed to getstartups@gmail.com

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