Terms and Conditions Before Proceeding 

  1. Invoicing, entering receive payments and deposits.
  2. Processing and entering payroll.
  3. Banking, credit card, loan, account reconciliations.
  4. Sales and use tax compilations and filings assistance (public information).
  5. Business tax license filings assistance (public information).
  6. Costing.
  7. Budgeting, and cash flow forecasting.
  8. Payroll, currency conversions, and accounts receivable.
  9. New company set-up.
  10. 1099-misc and 1096 annual filings.
  11. Entering and paying bills with explicit approval.

Ohio Small Businesses are welcome

to request bookkeeping services through this contact form. Average hourly pay is $15 to $20 per hour.

Total Subscription of Small Business Bookkeeping Price starts at $170/ month.

Please, contact us for a Free Estimate

 We are very flexible & our prices are very compatible with other bookkeeping providers.